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Price list Swiss Food Store

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NutellaIn stock$6.00
Butter CroissantOut of stock$4.50
Tessiner BreadIn stock$5.60
Braided White LoafOut of stock$5.20
Crusty Bread RollsIn stock$4.20
Ovomaltine Crisp MuesliIn stock$9.95
Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream SpreadOut of stock$8.20
Familia Champion Original MusliIn stock$17.00
Familia CM Plus MusliIn stock$12.00
OvomaltineIn stock$14.80
Roland KnaeckebrotIn stock$5.30
Roland Zwieback ClassicOut of stock$6.60
Bircher MusliIn stock$10.90
Cake & Pastries
Appenzeller BiberOut of stock$25.00
Basler LeckerliOut of stock$11.80
Kambly BretzeliOut of stock$5.50
Wernli Chocoly OriginalIn stock$6.90
Wernli Jura WafersIn stock$6.90
Kagi FretOut of stock$6.60
Willisauer RingliIn stock$7.40
Engadiner NusstörtliOut of stock$4.00
SpitzbuebIn stock$3.50
Chips & Snacks
Zweifel Chips Original NaturIn stock$5.00
Zweifel Chips Original PaprikaOut of stock$5.50
Roland Bretzeli ClassicOut of stock$3.20
Dar-Vida OriginalOut of stock$4.90
Coffee & Hot Chocolate
Cafe HagIn stock$14.50
IncaromOut of stock$12.80
Movenpick CoffeeIn stock$13.00
Chicco d'OroIn stock$22.00
Caotina SurfinIn stock$17.00
Suchard ExpressOut of stock$13.00
Appel MashIn stock$4.80
Stalden Cream VanillaIn stock$6.60
Stalden Cream CaramelIn stock$6.60
Stalden Cream ChocolatIn stock$6.60
Chestnut PureeIn stock$5.70
Plum CompoteIn stock$6.60
Hero Pear WilliamsIn stock$5.80
Famous Products
RivellaOut of stock$3.40
Le ParfaitOut of stock$7.40
SugusOut of stock$8.40
AssugrinOut of stock$6.20
RicolaIn stock$3.90
CenovisOut of stock$6.50
Aromat OriginalIn stock$4.95
Swiss Chocolate Cailler FrigorIn stock$3.95
Fondue & Cheese
Swiss Fondue OriginalOut of stock$19.50
Swiss Cheese Fondue Moité MoitéOut of stock$22.00
Melting Cheese by GerberIn stock$6.40
Gerber Melting Cheese assortedIn stock$6.90
Gruyere Meelting CheeseIn stock$5.80
Gastronomy Products
Marmelade & Jam
Swiss Marmelade Hero Delicia JohannisbeerOut of stock$5.00
Swiss Marmelade Hero Quince JellyIn stock$6.50
Swiss Marmelade Hero WaldbeerenIn stock$6.50
Swiss Marmelade Hero ApricotIn stock$6.50
Swiss HoneyIn stock$14.90
Mustard & Mayonnaise
Thomy Mustard MildOut of stock$4.30
Thomy Mayonnaise OriginalOut of stock$4.95
Thomy TartarsauceIn stock$4.85
Thomy Mustard HotIn stock$4.30
Thomy Mayonnaise LightOut of stock$4.95
Thomy Mayonnaise JarIn stock$14.00
Roesti & Potatoproducts
Berner RostiOut of stock$6.90
Swiss RostiOut of stock$6.40
Potatos Ready MadeIn stock$5.30
Alpine Rosti by HeroOut of stock$6.90
Stocki Potato MashIn stock$6.40
Salad & Dressing
Beetroot SaladIn stock$3.80
Celery SaladIn stock$3.90
Kressi Herb VinegarIn stock$5.95
Thomy French DressingIn stock$6.90
Thomy Italian Dressing ClassicsIn stock$7.50
Roast Sauce in TubeIn stock$5.40
Tomato Paste Concentrate in TubeIn stock$5.00
Roast SauceIn stock$29.00
Vegetable BouillonIn stock$25.00
Morel Mushroom SauceOut of stock$6.50
Porcini Mushroom SauceIn stock$5.40
Redwine SauceIn stock$4.40
Curry SauceIn stock$3.60
Pasta Letters SoupIn stock$2.50
Basle Flour SoupOut of stock$3.50
Porcini SoupOut of stock$3.50
Engadine Barley SoupOut of stock$3.50
Knorr RindsboullionIn stock$12.20
Knorr Rindsboullion in WuerfelIn stock$6.50
Vegetable BouillonIn stock$25.00
Spices & Ingredients
Aromat OriginalIn stock$4.95
Aromat 1KgIn stock$23.00
Butty Fondue RacletteIn stock$5.50
HerbamareIn stock$6.90
Streu MiIn stock$6.60
Streu mi 600gIn stock$23.00
Maggi Liquid SeasoningIn stock$5.90
Assugrin LiquidIn stock$13.00
Swiss Chocolate
Lindt KirschstengeliOut of stock$28.00
Cailler AmbassadorIn stock$48.00
Lindt ConnaisseursIn stock$48.00
Lindt WilliamsstengeliOut of stock$23.00
Cailler Frigor NoisetteOut of stock$9.00
Swiss Chocolate Cailler FrigorIn stock$3.95
Swiss Chocolate Cailler Milk HazelnutIn stock$3.95
Swiss Chocolate Cailler MilkIn stock$3.95
Swiss Chocolate Cailler Noir TruffonIn stock$5.30
Swiss Chocolate RagusaIn stock$6.40
Swiss Chocolate Cailler Rayon MilkOut of stock$3.85
Lindt Golden BunnyIn stock$10.90
MohrenkonigOut of stock$4.50
Branche Classic MiniOut of stock$7.80
Swiss Staple Foods
Aelpler MagaronenIn stock$3.80
HoernliOut of stock$3.50
Pearl BarleyIn stock$3.50
Polenta Corn Meal ChunkyIn stock$3.50
Wholemeal bioIn stock$5.20
Rolled OatsIn stock$3.30
Dried BeansIn stock$3.00
Gala Chinesische NudeliIn stock$3.50
Bircher MusliIn stock$10.90
Tinned Food
Hero RavioliIn stock$5.80
Hero PastetenfuellungIn stock$7.40
Hero Pear WilliamsIn stock$5.80
Hero TriangoliIn stock$6.40
Chirat White Pearl Onions PicklesIn stock$5.90
Chirat PicklesIn stock$7.50
Chirat Baby CornIn stock$5.50
Chirat Capers in JarIn stock$5.50
Non Food
Swiss Army Knives
Swiss Army Knife Outrider VictorinoxIn stock$52.00
Swiss Army Knife Champ VictorinoxIn stock$80.00
Swiss Jass SetOut of stock$32.00
Lampion Paper LanternOut of stock$18.00
Pennant Chain Swiss PlasticOut of stock$12.00
AnnabelleIn stock$8.50
GlueckspostIn stock$8.50
Schweizer FamilieIn stock$8.50
Schweizer IllustrierteIn stock$8.50
Bircher MusliIn stock$10.90

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